The beginning of the New Year is the right time to update your SEO strategy. We will talk about the main technology trends of 2018, which will increase the effectiveness of SEO promotion of your online eCommerce store if you apply it properly.

1. Adapt the online store for mobile devices

Adaptation of web-design for mobile devices has ceased to be an “additional option”. Today it is no less important than the convenience of using the site on a personal computer and is one of the most important elements of SEO optimization of an online store. Mobile-friendly sites are much more likely to get high positions in the top search engines.


First of all, fast website loading allows you to attract and retain more visitors. You can test site performance with Google Page Speed and Webpage test tools.

Secondly, the search engines have already launched algorithms that take into account the adaptability of sites for mobile devices: in February last year, Yandex launched the Vladivostok algorithm, and in November, Google began testing the Mobile-first index.


Managed IT Support experts think that due to these changes, the adaptation of the mobile version is almost as important a ranking factor as the quality of the text content on the site. And so that the content was equivalent on all pages (and often it happens that in the mobile version it is less), use a responsive design.

2. SEO-optimize your e-Commerce website for voice search queries

Many users are accustomed to voice assistants, and therefore SEO-optimization of the online store for voice queries will be a big plus. That is, under a more natural speech. For example, the key phrase for the search should sound not just “sneakers”, but “I need sneakers for running”. Voice calls are longer than the print and more accurately reflect the desires of the user. Search engines show options for the most popular queries in response to a key query. This list is useful to understand whether the user will find what he is looking for on your website.


3. Use relevant phrases for SEO promotion

Managed Security Services researchers said that there are ways to get rid of headaches associated with the selection of keywords. In order not to repeat in posts and on pages and not to use only the direct entry, you can choose relevant phrases. There are services that help SEO-optimization, for example, Rank Tracker. You can also use Google AdWords. Word Matching, which displays the number of impressions for a keyword phrase.



4. Analyze statistics systems data to plan your SEO strategy.

IT Support West Midlands experts are confident that the importance of metrics in 2017 will only grow. Their analysis allows you to monitor the quality of the content, study the rate of failures, the time spent on the site, the depth of scrolling, determine the most effective interactions, and also analyze so-called behavioral factors. What metrics are recommended to use? Visibility by semantic core, site traffic, and bounce rate, time spent on the page and others. Data can be collected, for example, in Google Analytics.


5. Analyze site logs to improve SEO promotion.

The importance of analyzing site logs was talked about a lot in the last year. This is the primary information that gives you the opportunity to learn how the search relates to the site, analyze its performance and detect problems that are difficult to determine by other SEO tools. Logs contain a number of information - domain and IP, date and time, visited page, its size in bytes, and so on


Google has been dominating the local site optimization trend for several years. In other words, this is called “local SEO” when the site is optimized with reference to a geographic area.

The increased influence of voice search in Google makes this factor very important. Long “tails” of voice queries that are tied to a subway station or city area, can lead a potential client to your site. Therefore, take care of the availability of addresses and contact data of all branches, outlets, and offices of your online store, if you want to achieve perfect SEO-optimization.


Be sure to specify the metro station and location map (in the form of an interactive map and text). You should also take care of the presence of your organization in the Google My Business, which will help customers find you more often during a voice search.

All last year, many site owners asked the question: “Is it worth it to move to HTTPS, or not?”. The answer is unequivocal - it is. Managed lan services experts said that the HTTPS protocol provides data encryption and makes them inaccessible for unauthorized viewers. A secure site makes it clear to the user that all his data is safe. And although in the first place it is necessary not for the search engines, but for the users themselves, new trends appear. Moving to a secure protocol is not at all difficult. If done correctly, no problems with the loss of traffic should arise, and the benefits for SEO are obvious.


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